Can Tho among world's top ten beautiful canal cities


The Mekong Delta city of Can Tho has been ranked 10th in a list of the most beautiful canal cities in the world drawn up by the Earth and World website.

An article published on said Can Tho, one of the largest canal cities in the world, lies at the intersection of many canals and river networks with a total length of 1,157 km, of which the Hau River is the largest passing through the city. 

The writer also highlighted the local floating markets, saying Cai Rang is the largest and most popular. It said touring these markets enables visitors to get a flavour of the local life and taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine.







Venice in Italy tops the list, followed by Birmingham in England, Giethoorn in the Netherlands, Suzhou in China, Alleppey in India, Stockholm in Sweden, Bruges in Belgium, Bangkok in Thailand, and Cape Coral in the US.

VNA, August 16, 2019


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