Vietnamese culture introduced at US fair



On December 5, 2019,  the Vietnam Embassy in the United States has participated in the Annual Winternational Embassy Showcase in a bid to promote Vietnamese culture to international friends. The event attracted the participation of representatives from 61 embassies and diplomatic missions from across Washington D.C.





The pavilion set up by the Vietnam Embassy enjoyed plenty of attention from international friends who were keen to gain a greater insight into the nation’s culture and tourism through the unique range of handicraft products such as embroidery paintings, ceramic decorative items, as well as tourism promotion publications on show.



Guests at the exhibition were particularly impressed with the tourism promotion banner designed by the Vietnamese Embassy, while the country’s traditional green bean cakes, green tea, and Vietnamese coffee, all served to win over new friends.




























This year represents the third consecutive time that the Vietnam Embassy in the US has participated in the event, with the occasion serving as one of the most anticipated events in terms of cultural exchanges and tourism promotion activities held in Washington DC around the New Year. Over 5,000 visitors took part in the lively midday celebration of international culture, travel, tourism and trade. 



The Vietnam Embassy’s participation was highly appreciated by the organisers, with a picture of the nation’s booth being selected as the image displayed on the information page for publications about the exhibition, as well as the cover image. 


The showcase formed part of an annual international cultural event held by the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Centre (RRB/ITC). RRB/ITC is a dynamic hub for government, business, culture and community, in the heart of the nation's capital. As the first and only federal building dedicated to both public and private use, the Reagan Building is the official WTCDC, and a premier conference and event venue with executive office space, attractions, dining, retail, parking, and community activities. Through the World Trade Centers Association, WTCDC utilizes a global network of 750,000 affiliated business from 300 trade centers in over 100 countries to maximize its connections and capabilities. With this extended network, WTCDC works diligently to ensure the RRB/ITC offers a rich mix of signature events such as high profile economic summits, conferences and cultural programs. These initiatives foster international dialogue, enhance diplomacy, and generate business opportunities.



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